170717 UDOLI

Hanna Zubkova

20.07.2017 – 23.07.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

The exhibition 170717 Udoli will take place at Triumph Gallery from July 20 to 23, where the works of participant artists and documental film of the event that was on July 17, 2017, will be shown. The virtual quest is a part of the event, that will be available on this link.


Udoli, a performative installation by Hanna Zubkova, was originally part of a series of one-day events at Triumph Gallery. During the event the gallery's front doors were entrance-only while the audience was invited to make a circle by exiting the through the back door, via the back yard, to return to the main entrance. The yard, which essentially is a piece of derelict wasteland in the middle of the city-centre, was opened to the public on July 17 for the first time in the several decades of its existence. It turned out to be impossible to determine how its existence in such a location came about, who is responsible for its conservation, who monitors the development of its ecosystem and what are the plans for its futher development. At a certain point during the event, a phone call came through from intermediaries with orders to close off the access to the yard. It was not possible to find out the reason for the closure and to open it up again. 170717 Udoli, the exhibition based on the events of the night of the original performative installation on July 17, comprises the original work from Udoli together with the film-documentation of the event and the wasteland, remained behind bars.