Nikolay Koshelev

26.01.2016 – 14.02.2016

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Nikolay Koshelev is a graduate of Stroganov Art Academy and New York Academy of Art, he lives between Moscow and New York. Triumph Gallery is proud to host Nikolay’s first personal exhibition in Russia.


Koshelev’s project was inspired by the appearance of an urban wall: graffiti drips on decrepit paint looked very much like a self-sufficient object of art that was gradually deteriorating and thus transforming with each moment. Koshelev transferred this effect into his works. The main principle behind them is the aesthetics of destruction of both the contents and form. For his creations the artist uses aluminum sheets and canvas on which—just like on that wall with paint streaks and fragments of graffiti—he depicts surrealist empty spaces that contain urban objects and random characters, such as a dried out swimming pool, basketball goal, passer-by, horseman and the silhouettes of mysterious creatures.


Nikolay Koshelev says: "We perceive more than 60 percent of artistic legacy not in the way it was meant to be perceived by its creators. In the classical art rooms of the Metropolitan Museum of Art suddenly I realized that everything there was altered by the force of destruction and loss: chipped ceramics, broken busts and sculptures, damaged by corrosion and oxidation. We will never know what they looked like on the day when they were created—now, when they have become something different, it is a different language that destroys, but at the same time creates something new".


The artist started exploring this theme three years ago when he was taking his Masters course at New York Academy of Art. In 2013 his works from the project 26 were nominated by Dedalus Foundation, New York.

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