Nastia Kuzmina & Andrei Guryanov


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery organizes a series of one-day events; which includea performance by Nastya Kuzmina and Andrey Guryanov named Abyss.


Nastya Kuzmina works with video, performance and video installation. The artist focuses her works on  contemporary everyday life, defining its hero or image. In her works, she refers to the methods of close monitoring of everyday life:it can be documentation, analysis or intervention. Andrey Guryanov works with sound installations, sounds in films and theatre, performance and improvisational music. He is mostly interested in generative music, field notes, electronic and improvisational music.


Perfromance Abyss by Nastya Kuzmina and Andrey Guryanov combines video and its live vocal transcription. The screen shows shimmering moving lights  in a narrow gap of the horizon line that gradually develop into an image of unseen neighborhoods of coastal city. Meanwhile, like the flashing of the signal circuit, voices are heard in the space.The performance invites the viewer  to feel  the  space beyond the limits of visibility and to corelate this feeling with their own daily experience.

The word "abyss" is used  figuratively refering to the atmosphere that is meant by the definition. The abyss is a threat coming from the space itself. It is a gap between two extremes: between body and space, body and virtuality, between pleasure and fear. The abyss does not only frighten, but also fascinates, causes delight and surprises. It is originality  defined as a physical Constitution of a person, and conditions in which their daily life happens. The opportunity  given to contemplate an abyss is not given to everyone and everywhere.  

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109012, Moscow, Ilyinka St., 3/8, building 5    |    +7 (495) 162 0893     |     info@triumph.gallery     |     daily from 11.00 – 20.00     |     free entrance