Si Lo

19.05.2017 – 04.06.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

Triumph Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of Si Lo. The artist was born in Tangshan in the Hebei Province of China, but five years later moved to Saint Petersburg with his family. Art was his biggest passion from the childhood, and that is why Si took the path of a professional artist. Having finished the art school, the young artist was admitted to the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg without exams, having already won  in several art competitions.


Si Lo’s works in the Angst exhibition are devoted to collective human experiences.All his works are guided by a certain sense of tragedy and deep detachment. The shapes cover the most of the paintings: they are all united by a rhythmic dynamism, created by confident movements of the artist’s hand, chaotic or structured. Confronted by the total drama, Si deliberately impersonalizes his characters, turning them into a faceless crowd, fused into the whole by a common experience.


Polina Mogilina, curator of the exhibition comments: "The exhibition’s title refers to the term of Angst that had been developed by Martin Heidegger. Angst means a metaphysical fear of the permanent death, the ultimate oblivion, ruling man’s life, basically being the only instrument that defines our true being. Influenced by this overwhelming and oppressive sense of fear, facing nothingness, the inability to affect anything and break free from the individual will, the people’s countourson Si Lo’s paintings move in the same direction or blend into the crowd under the banner of all-consuming chaos. It is then that moment when the Eastern outer modesty, bordering with coolness is shattered by the profound cry of a deep emotion".