Alex Kuznetsov

23.04.2021 – 22.05.2021

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

Alex Kuznetsov is a great aficionado of acrylic. Savouring each stroke of the palette knife, he drives the mass of paint over the canvas, as if it were molten butter over bread. One hand movement or twist — and the composition is entirely changed right there. This process is a space of experimentation, and trial and error. Alex believes errors to be opportunities to discover something new. For the artist, the entire process of making a painting is live energy. All he operates on is a point of entry, a few colours and some general idea of the forms. The artwork emerges from a meditative process where it is not as easy to tell whether the artist controls the action or vice versa.


Apparently formalist, Alex’s approach to painting is quite sensual in the way the artist interacts with the canvas. He himself compares it to living together: ‘Roughly speaking, say, we met, we hang out, we decided to live together, and then whatever comes. This interaction uncovers a lot of stuff, you open a new outlook on the world’.


This defamiliarised attitude to paintings by Alex is mostly aligned with how street artists perceive their pieces, where they are in possession of the works only during the creation. This enables the viewer to come up with own interpretations and gives an opportunity to search for personal meanings. Each person can find their own unique meaning in these works, be it through visual associations, or emotional perception, or the sensation of the energy contained within the works, or all of the above. The result is going to be determined in large part by the subjective outlook and the specific psychoemotional state at a given moment when the artwork was encountered.