Arsen Revazov

Arsen Revazov was born in Moscow on December 12, 1966. He has taken up photography since the 3rd grade of elementary school. During the past few years he has been shooting mainly in infrared light (on a special film with an infrared filter). Arsen also shoots on so called "lagre-format" cameras (negatives size is up to 11 × 14 inches), sometimes he produces platinum prints. A technical task of a photographer is to show the world in an invisible light, a world, that a naked human eye is unable to see. An artistic task is to ease the audience’s access to a different, "parallel" reality, sometimes wonderful, but sometimes a conflict one.


In 2005 Arsen wrote a romance "Odinochestvo-12" (Solitude-12), that was published by "Ad Marginem Publishers". By now this romance has been translated into English, German, Italian, Hungarian, Check and Polish languages. Starting from 2008 Arsen’s short stories are being published in various literature journals.

solo exhibitons:


Because the World Is Round Gallery of Classical Photography, Moscow, Russia


One by Two Triumph Gallery. Moscow, Russia


Unrumpled Sheets of Venice 4th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art


Non-Apparent World Meglinskaya Gallery. Moscow, Russia

Non-Apparent World Photo Center Exhibition Hall. Moscow, Russia

Non-Apparent World Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

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