Group exhibition

13.09.2018 – 14.10.2018


The Optika pavilion at VDNKH Park, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

Nail Farkhatdinov


Evgeniya Buravleva

Olga Davydova

Sofya Gavrilova

Alexander Gronsky

Maria Gruzdeva

Elizaveta Konovalova

Taisia Korotkova

Alexey Korsi

Maxim Ksuta

Ikuru Kuwajima

Anton Kuznetsov

Alexander Morozov

Ivan Napreenko

Valeri Nistratov

Nikolay Onischenko

Pavel Otdelnov

Egor Plotnikov

Alexander Povzner

Sergei Prokofiev

ZAPOVEDNIK research group

Maria Safronova

Igor Samolet

Max Sher

Natasha Timofeeeva

At The Fringes is an exhibition organized by the Department of Research Arts, a center for artistic research projects focused on the Russian space. This new project shows the life at the fringes and in the border territories of Russia.


Cohesiveness of space, in Russia and globally, is heterogeneous that leads to modern forms of geographic inequality. The heterogeneity  can be observed as some parts of the country are better known while others remain "uncharted territories"; the project takes this disparity as its starting point. The "Moscow optics" largely determine the perception of the outskirts that are usually subjected to top-down calls for development, growth and integration into the "mainland". Conversely, the vantage point of the fringes is radically different from the "Moscow optics" and even happens to be at odds with the Moscow perspective in some respects. At The Fringes questions the dominance of a single outlook and proposes to consider a diversity of points of view. The exhibition encompasses archival, ethnographic and interdisciplinary projects that tap into artistic imagination, cultural memory and mythology.

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