Andrey Antonets, Artemiy Anrilov, Sergey Kulikov


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

As a part of a series of one-day events, Triumph Gallery will host a live musical performance by Andrei Antonets (0ID) and Artemiy Anrilov (Anrilov) accompanied by video installations by Sergei Kulikov (Tutti). Famous electronic musicians will perform in unusual place and form.  Within  two hours, viewers will witness the creation of music using a variety of analog devices, including modular synthesizers.


Andrey Antonets is Rigan and  can be attributed to one of the most prominent representatives of the intellectual electronic scene, which has received wide fame and recognition in Russia and the West. Artemiy Anrilov, one of the Russian ideologists of music created with the help of modulars. Each live performance of musicians is a unique event that promises a unique deep sound and magical immersion in the world of electronic music.


During the concert at Triumph, Anrilov and 0ID will go beyond the usual dance format, referring to the original understanding of the genres of ambient and noise. The musicians experiment with sound, its perception by the public and the possibilities of creating electronic music in real time.


The live music performance will be synchronized with Tutti's video installations, which involve space and work inside the gallery. During the event, the exhibition This Game Has No Name by artists CrocodilePower and Sandor Szasz will be opened, representing the utopian world of the future, where the living merges with the inanimate — the natural with the technical, the real with the virtual. They compare the celebration of progress with an enchanted party in the forest, whose guests lost their way home and became a part of a new growing ecosystem.

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