Anastasia Potemkina


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

On September 1st a performance Bad Seed Renaissance by Anastasia Potemkina will take place in Triumph Gallery.


A new performance and a total installation by Anastasia Potemkina Bad Seed Renaissance is a gala opening of the new State, that is built on the principles of Matriarchy, Chaos, power of the weak and, of course, new city ecology that is reigned by the oppressed ruderal flora. The state of the oppressed ruderal flora will become a state for those oppressed: women, ethnical and gender minorities and even those whoever the modern sociology does not know yet. The state of the Bad Seed refers to the Golden Age and Eden, but Eden where no one has the right to forbid anything to the others because there are no hierarchy and privileges.


Pastoral videos show the existing in the ‘to be’ state idyll and remind of the promo for the future tourists. The flag projection flutters over the central bar and the main statute of the Bad Seed State hangs exactly opposite to it, explaining about what kind of the future would have been prepared for the humankind in the best of the possible worlds. The important element of the spirituality of the matriarchal utopia will be a worship of a Goddess, who brought chaos and order instead of rigid structures and war. The voice of the Goddess blessing the new state would be heard everywhere: in the gender misbalance of the maintenance staff, in the scattered hidden symbols of worshipping and ecstatic dances, that will begin after the dinner on the ground floor, where the dj goddesses will crown the solemn Sabbath.