Ulrike Buck

24.01.2017 – 05.02.2017

Галерея «Триумф», Москва


Marina Bobyleva

Triumph Gallery presents a solo exhibition Bauhaus OctopusX by artist and sculptor Ulrike Buck.


Ulrike Buck's practice is informed anthropological interest in female knowledge. She understands sculpture as a medium between body, technology and nature. Objects in her oeuvre may resemble alchemist's tools and a new age furniture, aesthetically oscillating between non-functional and the functionally unknown.


In the show Bauhaus OctopusX at Triumph Gallery Buck presents new artworks that explore techniques of network, interconnection and interbalance. The Bauhaus mentioning in the title of exhibition refers both to the modernist school and the tool store, which are two divergent German institutions, both kind of technocratic and into logos and functionality, whereas the octopus stands for subliminal currents of the organic and sensory, other-worldly and subconscious. On display there are hand-bent suspended steel structures, terra cotta sculptures, sandblasted glass paintings, which play together like architectural elements of an imaginary civilization.