Uno Moralez

31.03.2017 – 16.04.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Marina Bobyleva

Triumph Gallery presents the first Uno Moralez’s solo show Blue Teeth, based on an unpublished graphic novel. Uno Moralez is a Russian digital artist from Bashkortostan Republic. In 1990-s Uno was working in advertising, later he was making illustrations for Russian print media such as F5, Russia!, The Prime Russian Magazine.


Uno heard the legend of Blue Teeth back at pioneer camp in Ufa. It seems like a straightforward, childish, ghost story about a girl who goes to a dance and disappears forever.


The artist sets the story against the backdrop of the perestroika era. He constructs a reality, combining his youth spent in late-1980s Ufa with mystical anime and manga, which have greatly influenced his style.


The legend is an entry point, a way of immersing oneself in the causes of the fractures taking place at that time. Uno Moralez, with his characteristic ironic and grotesque tone, recounts tales of his heroes: policemen, sex workers, gangsters and schoolgirls with bouffant hair; whilst watching as if from the other side of the mirror, this invisible eye petrifies you like in your childhood.

"Moralez’s genius, and I don’t mind using that word in his case, evidences itself in how his work reads like a Serpentor-style amalgam created using the combined DNA of Suehiro Maruo, Nicholas Gurewitch, David Lynch, Andrei Rublev, and the evil videotape from The Ring.," — Sean T. Collins for The Comics Journal.

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