Dmitry Tsykalov

09.11.2018 – 26.11.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Dmitry Tsykalov is a Russian artist who left for Paris in the early 1990s. He works in the genres of assemblage, sculpture and photography and he also became famous for his shocking and contradictory pictures from the series named Meat, where he exposed human nature — "arming" men and women with machine guns made of raw meat, and the series called Skull - the author's statement on the subject of vanitas, in which the material for sculptures were vegetables and fruit.


Triumph Gallery was filled with the wooden objects that had been onceexhibited at Marina Gisich Gallery  (2016, St. Petersburg). The name of the exhibition refers to the famous anti-utopia by Aldous Huxley, whose one of the main issueswas the nature of human violence and the possibility of overcoming it.


The works of Tsykalov are assemblages made up of fragments of weapon boxes, with the markings of cartridges, types of weapons and classes of explosives that the artist finds all over the world from China to America. His works are a metaphor of the crave  for humanity’s reignover animals and their own kind, and at the same time a characteristic of the super-militarized world, ready to explode at any moment, and expose all the wildness, hiding under the mask of civilization. The subject of hidden violence continues in the series Langery, in which he recreates underwear from thin sheets of wood and considers it as "an instrument of torture of the flesh, an object both sacred and cursed."


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