Andrey Olenev

05.09.2019 – 06.10.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

It seems at first that the artist works with the context of his native Nizhny Novgorod where he lives and works through exploring its architecture and citizens, addresses the problems of urban space reorganization. Even the names of his pieces contain toponymic references: “Abandoned on Semashko Street”, “Decorating the Backyard on Nesterov Street”, or “Patched up in the Square” depicting a house where a famous Soviet writer Maxim Gorky used to live.


However his documentary manner rests on mystical realism that has already become commonplace for Olenev – the artist creates storylines with the help of wooden landscapes of the city and his own photographs of real places and characters. A digital collage underpins his whole series of paintings, but Olenev brings them onto wooden panels and stays within the classical painting framework although slightly bending the rules. At the same time, he continues experimenting with wooden texture. Some years ago Nizhny Novgorod artists (Artem Filatov, Vova Chernyshev, Anton Morokov, Andrey Druzhayev, Yakov Khorev, Toy team) were painting and exhibiting their works in urban spaces, including housefronts. This explains Andrey’s intimate attitude to those houses.


“While painting is like a theatre, graphics is like an acting company,” says Andrey. A portrait graphic series is based on photos of passers-by on central streets.


The exposition will end up with an audio installation “Bell” that brings together all the signs and symbols that are of particular importance for the artist.

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