Alexey Vasiliev

22.12.2015 – 24.01.2016

MMOMA (Gogolevsky blvd 10), Moscow

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Open Workshops School of Contemporary Art and Triumph Gallery present Chronicles of December, an exhibition of works by Alexey Vasilyev. Vasilyev’s first solo museum show will be part of the Young Lions project.


Alexey Vasilyev paints very quickly, and frequently uses acrylic wall paint to make his works on canvas or paper. His choice of colors and textures is determined by the story or the personal metaphor at the heart of each work. He uses a wider range of materials in installations: drawings in his latest project (Pool for Fishing, 2013) were covered in cement, on which he later imprinted a different image. At his show in MMOMA, Vasilyev will cover the walls of the exhibition space in paintings from his canvases and drawings.


Chronicles of December is a collection of stories of lonely creatures and their strange daily routines: a zoo invigilator trying to "fix" the rhino with adhesive, tape, a bull becoming a knight, men painting a cow, foxes and wolves walking about in human clothes. Each of the images is accompanied by a short inscription as mysterious as the image itself, its pseudo bureaucratic language reminiscent of OBERIU absurdist experiments and adding to the complexity of the images.