Peter Zhukov


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

As a part of one-day events in Triumph Gallery, there will be a pre-release of Petr Zhukov’s new film called  Çiçek. Themusician Alina Petrova will accompany the film playing the dilruba a piece that Kirill Shirokov  wrote especially for the film.



The action happens in a small village on the Anatolian plateau, where a former military engineer lives with his daughter.,There’s Also a ghost of her mother living with them. The father fantasizes about the space and dreams of turning minarets into spaceships that would allow resurrected ancestors explore far star worlds. The locals and former colleagues think that he is crazy, but still love him for his wisdom, generosity and kindness. Finally, he falls ill.His daughter’s name is Çiçek and she makes every effort to look after him and find the right remedy. She spends all  her free time in the ruins of an antique theatre, devoting herself to the main love of her soul — playacting. One day Çiçek finds a wounded city girl on a roadside and gets her home and then her life incredibly changes. Meanwhile, looking for some inspiration, a theatre director from Moscow, suspected for his wife murder, goes through the Anatolian plateau. On his way, he gets  turkified, and all the people he meets mysteriously die. At the end, his destiny is turned out to find his biggest Prima — Çiçek.


Petr Zhukov is an artist and guidance counselor. He is a MSU graduate (2003) as well as a Moscow School of photography and multimedia named after A. Radchenko (2009).

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