Group exhibition

13.08.2016 – 14.08.2016

Baki Urmanche Square, Kazan


Vladislav Efimov

Kristina Romanova

Nail Farkhatdinov


Anna Denisova

Vladislav Efimov

Anastasia Lebedeva

Galina Leonova

Maxim Makhov

Ivan Petrokovich

Anastasia Pozhidaeva

Ekaterina Popovich

Kristina Romanova

Anton Zimerman

In August the 13th and the 14th on Baki Urmache Square, Kazan will take place a new exhibition project CIRCUITS.CHANGE x RESEARCH_ARTS, that was born from one-week residence of the Center of Modern Culture Smena and Department of Research Arts, that took place in Kazan in May 2016. The participants were young artists and photographers from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (Vladislav Efimov’s Project Photography workshop) and Department of Research Arts. The Residence was prepared as a field expedition: before the departure and after consulting with the specialists and by working with the available sources, participants formulated the basic themes and subjects. Visitors of the Center of Modern Culture Smena were able to see the interim results of the work during the Night of the Museums, where the outlines of the project were presented.


Spatiality and locality these are taken as the basis for the research of arts approach, that also defines its vision of the methodology. It is a meaningful refusal of sinking into the depth without attempting to open the layers in order to discover the formation reasons of cultural, social and political situation in the region. At the same time there is also no need to form a complete ethnographical description and to fill the gaps in knowledge, which are left after the other researchers and anthropologic expeditions. The preliminary work with literature, intercourse with experts and immersion materials allow choosing the third rout and get the resemblance of the contour map with the different problems and depictions of the region drawn on it.


Artistic and research residence and the presented exhibition is the emphasis of those contours that turned out to be crucial to the participants from the artistic point of view. It is not just a sliding on the surface in a direction defined by an immediate look, rather a movement be the tracks that the culture, history and everyday life have left us on the researched sociocultural landscape. Yet there was no chance for any contour that had arisen during the ride to turn out differently, as the activity of the Center of Modern Culture Smena, that was remotely consulting and assisting in the territorial matters, became an entrance point to the region. It is possible for other research artists to explore absolutely different contours that will be defined by their own artistic field and social research situation.