Roman Tolici

02.12.2016 –18.12.2016

Triumph Gallery, Moscow



Matt Price

Triumph Gallery presents exhibition of Roman Tolici, an artist whose works have been displayed at the Gallery in the framework of EXTENSION.RO exhibition. His solo project will consist of works from different cycles, created in the past few years.


Roman Tolici graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 1988, he has been working in different techniques using oil, watercolor, ink, pencils and markers. At the exhibition will be presented oil on canvas paintings, varying in the size from small to colossal. All of the paintings are done in realistic style, the artist pays close attention to any detail, be it a person in a foreground or a bird in the sky. All of the works are linked to the everyday life. The thing, separating Tolici from other artists, is his particular perspective on common things. Each work contains details giving it a touch of mysticism. That very mysticism reaches its peak in Dark Matter series, where it gains its physical form.


"Tolici’s work has explored some very bleak and disturbing territory since he completed his studies at the National Art University in Bucharest in 1998. Tolici, with an anthropologist’s eye, has a remarkable facility to be able to zoom in and out of people’s lives."

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