Alexey Vasiliev

06.10.2018 – 28.10. 2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

Triumph Gallery presents Alexey Vasilyev’s exhibition , a participant of youth biennales named Halt! Who Goes There? (2008, 2010, 2012) and a series of exhibitions Young Lions at MMOMA. The new exhibition of Alexey Vasilyevwill show three series of artist’s works in different periouds of his life.  Besides new works, there will be another series called Retreat exposed at the exhibition The Days of Retreat. This series has already been exhibited as a part of artistic research resident program Not Places in Kazan (Department of Research Artsand Center of Modern Culture Smena) as well as a part of a large project called Moscow — Kazan — Moscow (Moscow, Tsar Tower Gallery), and during the project Spatial Errors (Moscow, Ground Gallery Peschannaya).


The name of the exhibition defines the artist’s working method  formed a long time ago. The Retreat by A.Vasilyev is a way of living, established out of artistic environment, trends and society. All his exhibitions are results to varyuing degree of  detachment and full immersion into the process. Vasilyev draws everywhere: at a hotel, in the pub, in his office, at home and creates new works on canvases, paper, calque and concrete within a short period time and of full concentration. "This is all about how you escape the routine becoming  a kind of recluse, sociopath, while other activities must deliberately stand still for some time." — says Alexey Vasilyev.


The important part of the exposition The Days of Retreats are the portraits, made in a typical for Vasilyev expressive way on big sheets and rolls of industrial paper. Every portrait hides  its own story to tell:an encounter with a real or fake biography, etc. Vasilyev works in concentrated laboratory conditions and his characters "appeare one by one, thus creating my black-and-white society, my camp and my vip-zone" — confesses the artist. . Lack of a portrait resemblance with a human and importance of happenstance full of meanings coming from the outside represent in the work titles — Evening Orbit of The Bee Next To Watermelon and Cottonwood, She Rubbed The Bananas With Minty Gum, Fisherman Syndrome, Cutting Polaroid and Gesture Language.


Vasilyev, being an anthropologist, tends to materialize his feelings. Visuality and text unite into the whole and convert  into very intimate notes and drawings, sometimes real, sometimes not. Paper, walls, concrete and other surfaces, on which Vasilyev draws, are the pages of a different scale and textures and the exhibitions of the artist are his personal dairies, exposed in public space.

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