Vladislav Efimov

01.03.2017 – 25.03.2017

Museum of Moscow, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

The Museum of Moscow and Triumph Gallery present Vladislav Efimov's total installation Fragments of Moscow: 850 photographs  with views of the Russian capital.


In his project Vladislav Efimov, first of all, studies the mechanical relationship between photo –shooting and space. His works, shot waist-high, focus on the details, at first glance, unremarkable: fences, walls of houses, scaffolding and signboards.


The artist does not apply additional effects and does not seek to embellish the reality; he captures the city as it is seen by citizens in their everyday life. And, nevertheless, his works altogether create a bright and contrasting image of the Russian capital. The project Fragments of Moscow, mixed with ordinary "postcard" views, allows its visitor  to recreate in the mind  the whole picture of a sophisticated and diverse city.


At the exhibition at the Museum of Moscow, Vladislav Efimov presents the second part of his photo trilogy — Three Photographic Projects, opened with the first one called Underfoot And Over The Head (2013, NCCA, Moscow), which was about the author's vision of the world. The final project And Halves Enough will explore the effectiveness and ability to fully convey the artistic message of any, at the choice of the viewer, half of the "ideal" photography.


Vladislav Efimov mentiones: "Today we can witness aclear trend leading to self-insufficiency of photographic statements in art  that forces to rebuild the traditional practice of the "author" of photography and move to the side, as it seems, the last great properties of photography — its ability to mechanically obtain a perfect image. Due to this "mechanical" limitation, the language of photography allows us to consider more deeply the "human" problems associated with the importance of individual perception, the focus of the author's attention and the search for artistic ideas".