Anatoly Osmolovsky

25.12.2014 – 21.01.2015


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph gallery is pleased to present exhibition Dis-memberment by Anatoly Osmolovsky, famous actionist, curator, and founder of educational project Base for artists and art historians.


The Dis-memberment project consists of two sections: a series of nine sculptural busts, The Heads of Dead Revolutionaries and a new bronze composition, The Ukrainian. With the series Heads Osmolovsky presents a panorama of the global revolutionary movement in different eras. This group of sculptures is arranged in triads, forming sequences ’founder–successor—opponent’ (Marx, Engels, Bakunin; Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky; Mao Tse-Tung, Che Gueara, Ho Chi Minh). The project was started two years ago, and since then has been partly shown at the Ukrainian Biennial (2012) and the 55th Venice Biennial (2013) as a part of a joint project by Pavel Altkhamer and Anatoly Osmolovsky called Convergence of Parallels. At the Dis-memberment exhibition this series will be shown in its entirety for the first time.


The second part of the exhibition is a bronze composition called The Ukrainian. Assembling different parts of the bodies of the most beautiful women in Europe and Russia, the artist presents an idealized image of female beauty. Similar experiment of depictingideal beauty was also carried out by the ancient painter Zeuxis, who painted a portrait of Helen the Beautiful, combining in his workthe features of the five most beautiful women in Athens, and later in the Renaissance era the experiment was carried out by Raphael. This unique dialog with the art of the past is the main theme in the artist's works. The artist explains his appeal to the plastic arts in his work through a need to return to the main forms of art (in this case sculpture) which have lost their original significance in a modern mix of media and various artistic practices.

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