Vladimir Martirosov

28.05.2021 – 04.07.2021

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Artur Knyazev

Irina Litvyakova

The exhibition by Vladimir Martirosov is an example of such total artistic project that comprises a whole universe of interlinked works. The works that are not easily discussed without integrating them into a single harmonious body, one that evolves governed by the artist’s laws. The viewer is invited into the installation space as an agent on par with the work of art itself.


Works by Vladimir Martirosov are as interesting up close as they are from a distance. Proximity enables a new level of perception of the moving installations. Dozens of cogs, hooks, screws and other minute elements come together into a construction, animated by a small motor. The sophistication of complex mechanisms makes them similar to the fanciful contraptions of clockpunk. According to the American author and literary critic Jeff VanderMeer, clockpunk is a steampunk derivative, except where motion is achieved without steam power.


Yet, mechanisation in Vladimir Martirosov’s work is more than just the technical implementation of an idea, it is also the component that mimics living organisms and nature. This includes elaborate structures borrowed from insects, corals, leaves, birds, or natural phenomena. The juxtaposition of such delicate materials with rough metal structures produces odd contra- or, conversely, com-positions of forms — showcasing how each one moves and interacts with others in a different fashion.