Stas Shuripa

02.07.2015 – 19.07.2015


Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Moscow


Stanislav Shuripa is an artist from Moscow. As a part of his new project called The Dreams of Interpretations, he will turn the MoscowManege’s interior space into a post-utopian metropolis, say, a cyber city, which will combine different pediods of time and places into a single matrix of computer networks.


"The  early avant-garde dreams in the beginning of the early 20th century regarding the sensuality’s automatization  as well as radically different  ways of human’s perception have made a reality and become a part of our everyday life" — says Julia Aksenova, the guidance counselor of the exhibition — "We can see the city of the future, where the real and the fictition combine into a new vital environment, and biological nature of human turns out to be inseparable from its technological cover".


In his works A1 and Perspectives, Shuripa structures figuratuvely a new spatial type. He makes his installations  of paper because this material, according to the author, has "the weakest energy". The installations stand for fluidity, flexibility, fragmentariness of modernity. Along with it, the installations cause different feelings of fragility and hopelessness; they also make one  feeling the world’s fantom character, where the information streams’ space triumphs over the space of a place.


In his work, the author does not literally follow his initial idea. The original idea was a sort of an encrypted prediction of historyfor a century ahead, say, by now. The animation called Victory over the Sun reminds us of a multi-level computer game with a repetitive plot, that somehow represents our reality, having no connection between the past and the future. The work’s rhythm and atmosphere remind us of a dream, which is an action made of recognizable fragments of a non-material digital, media or informational reality. but.


Stanislav Shuripa’s Victory over the Sun by shows a structure of the modern world, deprived of any centralization, that has no need to get rid of the light (which was Shuripa’s original idea).