Egor Plotnikov

22.12.2017 – 21.01.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

Triumph gallery presents an exhibition by Egor Plotnikov, participant of numerous Russian and international exhibitions, including the Metageography exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery in 2016. This new exhibition follows up on the artist’s projects that explore promenade-landscapes.


On display is a series of realistic canvases showing ascetic and scant Central Russia landscapes, reminiscent of the Barbizon school and the Itinerants, combined with miniature anthropomorphic sculptures. The exposition comprises new alternating canvases with grand landscapes and with very small landscape details. "'Empty Space' is an image of the present time on the one hand, and an image of space on the other. A modern person constantly feels a shortage of that space, free time, or time to take a step back from the process and a pause," Plotnikov says.


Since his days at the Institute of Arts, Egor Plotnikov has been interested in the relations between a work of art and its viewer. His landscapes follow the tradition of the genre that is almost 200 years old and posses that monotony, succinctness, and emotional restraint typical of the Russian school. A new installation of two sculpture landscapes continues the theme of the interaction between an art piece and the exhibition space that the artist first explored in his projects The Big Stroll, Random Landscapes. Self-Portrait, and Minor Things that have been recently exhibited in Moscow.


Plotnikov focuses his attention on such concepts as "landscape", "tension", "space", and "time", but also on “viewer”, "painting", "perception". Trying on the viewer's shoes, Plotnikov poses a question on the collective image of the new landscape and at the same time taps into the viewer's ability to see the emerging tension and potential for change in a landscape, to answer what art is: works on display at a gallery or the gallery walls that support them?