Group exhibition

09.11.2016 – 27.11.2016

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Evi Pärn



Aleksey Gordin

Annika Haas

Anna Shkodenko

Dmitry Gerasimov

Yekaterina Kultayeva

Kaido Ole

Kristina Norman

Kuzya Zverev

Maxim Mjödov

Maria Sidlyarevich

Sandra Kosorotova

Taavi Suisalu

Tanel Rander

Eva Sepping

Evi Pärn

Collective Johnson и Johnson

Triumph Gallery presents the fourth exhibition of the EXTENSION project, that shows the present-day artistic scene of the different countries of the world. The EXTENSION.EE. Reflection: Inward/Outward. Vol. III exhibition will display the modern artists from Estonia.


The public program for the EXTENSION project with discussions and lectures with the guest curator will be held in cooperation with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in its lecture-hall.


The exhibition will be held within the framework of the modern Russian culture of Estonia VDRUG 2016 festival, that will take place in Moscow from November 7 to 11.


EXTENSION.EE. Reflection: Inward/Outward. Vol. III is a group showcase focusing on the Russian man with a close connection to Estonia and the authors paying him attention. Russia and Estonia have a very long history. In the XIII century the first Russian speakers began to settle on the shores of Chudskoye Lake.


Many Old Believers fled there from the prosecution of the church and governmental authority in the XVII century. A new inflow of Russians was caused by the revolution and the Civil War. Estonia became a part of the Soviet Union, which left a mark on both cultural and social levels. Today almost 30% of the citizens of Estonia are people whose mother tongue is Russian. Despite such a rich common history, Russian and Estonian communities in many aspects leave in different information, cultural and sometimes social spaces. What are the reasons and the conditions for that gap and what can it lead to? Building on the context and the theme of the exhibition were chosen several artists who address problems of the sociocultural bonds in the Estonian society. Their works raise social and political issues, aspects of morality and immorality, social and personal problems, doubts and phobias.

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