Group exhibition

02.06.2016 – 24.07.2016

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Natalya Nusinova

Homayoun Askari Sirizi


Mehdi Abdolkarimi

Mojtaba Amini

Mehraneh Atashi

Nazgol Ansarinia

Mojgun Bakhtiary

Mohammad Ghazali

Arash Hanaei

Sahand Hesamiyan

Taraneh Hemami

Hamed Khosravi

Peyman Shafieezadeh

Triumph Gallery presents the 3rd exhibition of the EXTENSION project, which showcases the current art scene in different countries. EXTENSION.IR: Tehran. Capital in Capital Letters exhibition will demonstrate contemporary artists from Iran.


The public program of the EXTENSION project, including discussions and lectures of invited artists will be held at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Auditorium and Strelka Institute.


The exhibition is also included in parallel program of V Moscow Young Art International Biennale.


EXTENSION.IR exhibition will showcase Iranian artists, this is the generation which has grown up in 1980s after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Moreover, eleven artists, where the majority is still living in Tehran, take part in the exhibition.


The works included in EXTENSION.IR are related to the city life, interpretation of monument functions, ecological conditions, shifts in terms of historical look of Tehran for the last decades.


Series of photographs Flowers (2010) and Tehran's Self Portraits (2008–2010) by Mehraneh Atashi are auto-portraits in the midst of busy streets. The artist fixes her psycho-geographical walks which present the experience of Teheran as the city being unendingly reconstructed, having a need in conscious choice of the route.


In photo-project Tehran, a Little to the Right (2010—2013) by Mohammad Ghazali the attention is given to small details and movements of by-passers that contain subtle relations emerging between the artist, the people and city environment. The series Techtophoto (2016) by Mehdi Abdolkarimi depict the mountain scenery surrounding Tehran, stylistically shaped as for architectural exposure. The adjustment of static mountain group and busy dynamic city at its back reflect mutually exclusive principles of these organisms existence.


The works of Mojgun Bakhtiary explore the feast rituals of Iranian society that are held in private spaces behind closed doors. Peyman Shafieezadeh examines human consciousness working over cultural codes and media clichés. In his graphic works portraits of Iranian martyrs are inscribed into the silhouette of Demavend mountain that is related to a variety of Persian legends.


The architect and artist Hamed Khosravi addresses history of city architecture and the conditions of social life, that can be called as a subject to the urban politics. The book Tehran. Life inside walls (Khosravi is one of its co-authors) examines archeology of Tehran since it became the capital of Iran to our days, using the example of private spaces that substituted publicity for city dwellers. Life is hidden behind the walls and compelled loneliness are the subjects of many Iranian artists, film directors and writers. Therefore Khosravi will present his project dedicated to Tehran of future with open public spaces having emerged as a result of a radical shift of state policy in relation to man.

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