Group exhibition

04.12.2018 – 06.01.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Roy Brand


Avner Ben-Gal

Eitan Ben Moshe

Tsibi Geva

Keren Yeala-Golan

Dor Guez

Nir Hod

Daniel Kiczales

Karam Natour

Yehudit Sasportas

Ester Schneider

Omer Sheizaf

Roman Hillel

Ben Wadler

The educational program for this exhibition will be supported by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art


The works of art at the exhibition are objects that emit the light whose source of energy is trapped within them, dimly but constantly shining with hope.

That is the potential of art, which is particularly relevant nowadays: it can pass on the torch of hope, to survive in times of  stupor  and to save the soul of humanity for the future prosperity These artists are like ancient philosophers or monks carrying wisdom into the world, progressively, bit by bit in each individual.  Art cannot change the whole world today at once but it can create small enclaves of energy and life that resist the mainstream. This is not the triumphant and heroic art of high modernism brandishing utopian promises, but neither is it defeatism. Illuminations is a form of acting for the future we cannot yet imagine.


These are the works that Illuminations gather: fractured, broken, muted but nevertheless glimmering in the dead of winter and in the thick of night. The exhibition begins vibrating with movement and life once we let our eyes and hearts readjust to that which is quiet, restrained, slowly enveloping, at the antipode of the loud spectacle that dominates our public sphere.


It is worth mentioning that the opening of the exhibition coincides with Hanukkah — the Jewish festival of lights. This is the time of year when Jewish people around the world fire the candle during eight nights in memory of the return of The Second Temple by Judah Maccabee and of subsequent miracle.


With the support of Nativ. Israel Cultural Center in Moscow, Embassy of Israel in the Russian Federation.

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