Group exhibition

19.02.2016 – 13.03.2016

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Dan Popescu (Bucharest)

Yana Smurova (Moscow)


West Romania

Teodora Axente

Zoltán Béla

Iulian Bisericaru

Zsolt Bodoni

Răzvan Botiş

Radu Comşa

Sándor Szász

Leonardo Silaghi

Radu Cioca

East Romania

George Anghelescu

Ion Bârlădeanu

Marin Gherasim

Dumitru Gorzo

Marian Zidaru

Nicolae Comanescu

Gili Mocanu

Anca Mureşan

Adrian Preda

Roman Tolici

Florin Ciulache

Stefan Ungureanu

Triumph Gallery is presenting a series of exhibitions under the name of EXTENSION, which will show the current art scene of different countries.


The EXTENSION project addresses artists whose work possesses distinctive local elements but at the same time is embedded in the general context of contemporary art. Each EXTENSION exhibition will acquaint spectators with well-known names, who can be encountered at international biennale and in leading global museums, and also young art and new trends. Awareness of one's own identity and the globalization of culture will become the main topics of each project: the spectator will be confronted simultaneously by dedication to traditional techniques and searches for a new visual language.


The contemporary art scene in Romania’s capital stands out due to the vast diversity of art styles and techniques. At the same time, however, the artists are far less engaged in social or political dialogue. They are marked by a more traditional, in places archaic visual language, an appeal to sacred topics, combined with a significant degree of irony and even sarcasm, which is attributable to the influence of the dada heritage, in particular Tristan Tzara.


The EXTENSION.RO exhibition will present research into contemporary Romanian art based on the example of representatives of art trends from East and West Romania. The complex historical events of the 20th century and their consequences: the revolution of 1989, existing ethnic diversity, a geographical location bridging the West and Eurasia — these had an impact on the specific paths of development of the contemporary art environment in Romania.


EXTENSION.RO includes both well-known and new generation artists, representatives of the 1990s and 2000s, whose careers coincided with the establishment and relative maturity of the commercial art market in the country.


With the support of:

Embassy of Romania



H'art Gallery (Bucharest)

And also: Mobius gallery (Bucharest), Anca Poteraşu gallery (Bucharest), Sabot gallery (Cluj-Napoca), Galerie Kornfeld (Berlin), Galerie Michael Schultz (Berlin), Green Art Gallery (Dubai), Ana Cristea gallery (New York).