Vera Barkalova & Ekaterina Kovalenko

22.11.2018 – 01.12.2018

Apothecary garden, Moscow



Vera Barkalova

Ekaterina Kovalenko

Aptekarsky Ogorod and Triumph Gallery are presenting the exhibition Fading Beauty by Vera Barkalova and Ekaterina Kovalenko, that will take place within Young Lions program at the Main Greenhouse of the park. In this exhibitional project, the artists attempt to embody fading beauty and spot viewer’s esthetic reflex.

Vera Barkalova and Ekaterina Kovalenko will fill the greenhousewith photographs and sculptures, capturing plasticity and expressiveness of the human body. The artists seek to catch  its barely perceptible movements and abilities, as well  the moment of transforming from one state to another. In her photographs Vera Barkalova  catches a moment of image dispersion and turning beauty into something different. The sculptures by Ekaterina Kovalenko give a chance to see an object in a range of its metamorphoses. These sculptures that were put into transparent boxes made of glass and decorated with flowers remind of fairy Sleeping Beauty and at the same time some exhibits  from cabinet of curiosities .


The duo of Vera Barkalova and Ekaterina Kovalenko has been formed while working on an exhibition at Elektrozavod Gallery. Right after this, there was the second joint project named ATOPOS at Brewhouse. The main subjects that the artists work with are embodiment and sensuality, providing thus communication with nature and self-perception; the thoughts of perversion and certain limits of society, tabooing and stigmatization as well as researches in pseudophilosophy and marginalization. The artists create total installations using different kinds of media: sculpture, photography, video, sound. They are interested in materials, technologies, their universal combining and integration into a space.


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