Dmitry Gutov

30.01.2015 – 22.02.2015

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery presents an exhibition by Dmitry Gutov Far From the Dust, which will include installations and graphic works. (Gutov has never previously shown his graphic works to the public). This exhibition will be the artist's third personal project that he has shown at Triumph Gallery. In this new project, Gutov uses ink and turns to the mystical teachings of the German theologist Meister Eckhart. "In order to be genuinely poor a man must become as free of the will that he created as he was when he did not exist," wrote Eckhart in his sermon On the Poverty of the Spirit . Thus, even in the exhibition's title Gutov stresses the need to alienate oneself from what is happening and a conscious withdrawal from the fuss of everyday life, as well as a need for extreme levels of concentration. For the last year, Gutov has been living in the countryside in total isolation from the outside world, with no continual access to information and contact with society. The artist has been again and again painted works on the same subjects, concentrating on technique and the creative process itself. Continually depicting the same rock or branch, Gutov operates like an oriental master who perfects the depiction of one object throughout his entire life. The process of work creation is turned into a spiritual practice, where the making of a series of attempts draws you into a state akin to meditation. The main part of the exhibition consists of numerous graphic works by Gutov created with ink on paper. In the upper hall, they will be complimented with an installation that represents the floor in the artist's studio littered with sketches. In the lower hall, the exhibition continues with a composition of 2,500 bamboo stalks, a fragment of which was first shown by Gutov in the parallel program at Manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg in 2014.

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