Sasha Pirogova

26.05.2016 – 18.06.2016

Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow

Sasha Pirogova’s main subject and focus is motion and its capacities. Her works explore the territory between a theatrical play and a ritual, between performativity and dance, which transforms rational movements into metaphors.


The art of the 20th century was obsessed with representing motion. What infuses the shifting planes of futurism, photography and its opposite, abstraction, is the agitated pursuit to grasp what it feels like for a static object in a dynamic information environment.


Sasha Pirogova is one of the artists of new generation, who admit a priori that the total codification of movement using tools documenting reality is already complete, and the task of an artist today is to construct a new sequence of visual codes to be relatively free from interpretations by default. An artist suggests the "insubstantial" and "ephemeral" nature of movement in the 21st century: it bears a potentially infinite plasticity, a capacity to adapt to whatever artistic purpose there might be.


Sasha Pirogova’s new personal project has three focal points, which originally drove the creation of the works, namely, text, place, and process.