Andrey Lev

17.03.2018 – 01.04.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

Triumph Gallery presents a second solo exhibition by an Israeli artist, Andrey Lev. In his last project, Notephilia, artist used paper banknotes’ iconography as a main source for inspiration. He produced bogus currencies of non-existent countires and regions. In his new project, Foreign Crafts, artist applies the iconography of folklore arts and crafts of Talashkino, Khokhloma, and other areas and applies the methodology of Pop-Art and Op-Art to them. By using this method, artist researches on the new perceptions of this folklore crafts in an unusual context.


A glance on these works gives us a feeling of meeting fairytale image and characters that reminisces our childhood, but today we understand them from a prism of new visual experience acquired in the era of Internet and high technologies. 


As Andrey Lev would put it himself, "I love pictures. Manipulations with pictures is a crosscutting theme of my works. The main intention behind these manipulations is to awaken the spectator’s interest towards widespread, "stock photos". That could refer to any type of pictures —as, for instance, graphic design’ elements, technical illustrations, or, on the contrary, famous images within the social and cultural contexts of the image. The Foreign Сrafts series are inspired by the "A la russe" imagery connected with forms and motives prevalent in the folklore craftsmanship. I look at them with the same rapture as Gogen would look at Tahiti’s exotic landscapes, and I try to reproduce this images in such a way that the context of their representation is changed, and to create a condition where familiar images show a potential to look odd and open up new horizons of formation of perceptions".

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