Uno Moralez

06.09.2018 – 14.10.2018

МАММ, Moscow


Marina Bobyleva


Ksenia Lukyanova

Multimedia Art Museum and Triumph Gallery present the first scale exhibition of one of the most intriguing and mysterious modern artists Uno Moralez Forget What You Remember. Some series of works that have been created by the artist for the last ten years are included in the exposition.


A mystical atmosphere mixes with an entourage of perestroika, style of video games and Japanese manga comics of 1970–1990s in the works by Uno Moralez. The sensitivity of the artist to the smallest details, the development of characters and situations take the viewer into parallel dimensions filled with hidden fears and fantasies. Uno Moralez develops the narrative, gradually adding foreign elements in each subsequent frame, thus  the objectsofthe familiar world gets destroyed or loses its functions, and the character (as well as the viewer) inevitably faces creatures or forces that are beyond any rational explanation.


Works by Uno Moralez go beyond illustration as a genre, creating their own microcosm — alarming, disturbing and unstable, as well as the era to which the artist often refers. The plots of his series refer to children's horror stories with recognizable attributes of mass culture 1980–1990s. The generation that finished  school in the late 1980s was hit by a lot of upheavals: perestroika, the collapse of the USSR, the "stormy nineties" and, finally, the media revolution. There were game consoles, Atari computers and the first video salons where popular Hollywood blockbusters with unlicensed dubbing alternated with movies of B category and anime. In the series of Uno Moralez, visual signs of the time allow the viewer experience a sense of nostalgia and surreal horror, when the pixel image appears as if from interference in an old TV.

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