Aleksey Dubinsky

28.04.2018 – 13.05.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Sofya Simakova

Triumph Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of Alexey Dubinsky called Gaze At The Edge of Sky and Prose, that consists of paintings and graphics.

A series of Dubinsky’s works that will be  exhibited is based on sketches and real impressions of meetingdifferent people: acquaintances, relatives, close friends, strangers, films’ and books’ characters. His ironical works refer to esthetics of graffiti, automatic writing techniques andabstract expressionism’s methods. The lines and color flatnesses become characters, whose portraits are filled with inner movement, that are not fully formed yet.


Alexey Dubinsky notes: "Thehuman evolution goes from the beginning to the end and  back in ahelical way. I try to move this principle of development into a creative method that will let me think clear and fast, despite the borders of proposed reality, that everybody considers  as an indispensable reality. It allows me think like a child who cannot formulate a phrase, but expresses himself always right instinctively".

An installation that imitates artist’s working space will be added to the exhibition. Artist’s sketches, drafts and student drawings will let viewer follow the evolution of his unique style.

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