Antonina Baever

09.07.2015 – 09.08.2015

ММОМА (Tverskoy blvd, 9), Moscow


Roman Minaev

Antonina Baever's project Golden Words describes the state of exuberant youth finding their way within the space of their own desires and interests of the others. Their interaction with the environment follows the simple principle of opposition: body versus soul, female versus male, beautiful versus shit. The dynamics of life is governed by the laws of romance beneath the gaze of imaginary other. It is to be seen what this new element needs, whether it aspires after liberation or if it asserts its ability to blend into the world of clichés shaped by the environment, such as serving the glory of one’s country, worshipping brands, drugs or love. Instead of giving answers, the artist accumulates questions, with art being seemingly the only acceptable and universal means to brighten the meaningless monotony of everyday life.


Unwillingness to follow the fashions of the day normally generates the rebellion of an "empty generation". Its representatives find it difficult and painful to adapt to the frictionless social framework. Instead, they develop their own original worldview based on the demonstrative mistrust of the existing value system, which they see as at best unfit to give a coherent interpretation of life. An alternative takes the place, with sometimes blatantly defiant slogans highlighting the creed and practice of a chosen lifestyle. And the brighter, the louder, the more unexpected and pronounced they are, the more distinct is the cultural trace.

Antonina Baever is one of those artists who regard it as inacceptable to hide their views or intentions. She makes clear her conflict with the regime giving birth to beasts blindly following the command of an unbeknown power. Let the champions of eternal values fear and tremble. The true artists have nothing to lose. They have a freedom to win.


Shit of the world, unite!


Roman Minaev