Andrey Gorbun

23.11.2020 – 18.12.2020

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

The new project by Andrey Gorbunov Hard Sign is founded on the traditional philosophical theme of differentiation between the “body” and “embodiment.” On the one hand, a person perceives their body as a physiological or anatomical object, and on the other—by dissociation from own physiology—this concept is migrated into the domain of social roles. For the artist, who has been differentiation between body and spirit from the very beginning of his creative career, it is obvious that explanation of many things cannot be reduced to the laws of physics. He believes also that our physics are governed by the spiritual content.

Andrey Gorbunov turns to the metaphor of the hard sign as a set of “unconditionals” that we cannot affect but that themselves have a determining effect on our lives. Sensing a certain finality in it, an individual begins to see with more clarity their life trajectory. When combined, this produces an integral symbol, which then becomes the hard sign for each person. And each of such personal symbols is highly individualized. 

The composition in Andrey Gorbunov’s paintings is structured like riddles where a sequence of various symbols is revealed as a meaningful message by adding just one correctly placed dot. The hard sign is both the dot that aggregates all meanings and the equation itself. It would seem that he bases the compositions on regular anatomical elements, as if playing with scientific illustration or making a claim to academic verification. In actuality, Andrey transplants these elements into the space of artistic images and creates a complex system of metaphors which provides expression to his central idea. Instead of verbal means, he employs the artistic apparatus to try and explain the sophisticated terms and definitions that he operates on. The new project by Andrey Gorbunov allows the attentive viewer, who manages to make their way through the inextricable riddles, to potentially open up new doors of perception to look at themselves and identify amid the combination of symbols that one fleeting Hard Sign.


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