Min Jung Yeon

06.06.2014 – 29.06.2014

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in Russia of the young Korean artist Min Jung Yeon (born 1979), renowned for her phantasmagorical paintings and drawings.


Min creates peculiar clusters of forms suspended in the air that appear to create new hybrid spaces lying on the border between reality and fantasy. They flow and melt into one another against a colorful architectural background which reflects the flow of the artist's thoughts.


Min Jungyeon reveals the thin line between reality and illusion created by the incredible force of imagination. The complex combination of biomorphic structures recalls the works of the Surrealists, where in one plane incommensurable objects or creations are united. There is one key difference between her works and the unconscious flows of images of the Surrealists, however: Min carefully sets up rational, deliberate constructions and tries to surpass what has already been achieved by the Surrealists in the sphere of the spiritual and the unconscious.


Key characteristics of Min’s works are well-balanced undulations of dichotomous values such as abstraction and realism, two dimensional and three dimensional, rational and irrational, East andWest.  In her work, the artist focuses on the concept of Gilles Deleuze regarding sameness and difference.   As Min puts it, “the difference between the opposite worlds is used as a valuable energy that makes our lives more varied, rather than more difficult.” Strangeness and difference are not necessarily negative concepts, they can fundamentally foster a new discourse on the construction of a new identity.  As Deleuze comments on his theory of univocity, our existence is univocally varied – there is no unified essence, there is a continual process of differentiation and modification. These differences may arise from various interpretations. For example, for Min it’s when she  merges the differences and focuses on the creation of a new world, opening up the possibility for discovering a new essence.


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