Dina Shchedrinskaya

16.11.2019 – 15.12.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Artur Knyazev

Triumph Gallery presents Images of Nature, an exhibition by Dina Shchedrinskaya. In the new series of works Dina turns to landscape photography. The exhibition features views of nature inspired by romantic picturesque landscapes. Dina uses a medium-format film camera, enabling her to achieve a visual likeness of engraving, which gives the prints some materiality and tangibility.


At first glance, the forest in the prints looks like an endless thicket, where branches and tree trunks form into rhythmic, meditative and archaic patterns. Upon closer inspection, though, the viewer notices smaller details—a freezing dog, human silhouettes, an abandoned boat. The photographer clashes the natural with the mundane, the momentary and the urban to demonstrate the real relationship between these polarities.


Artur Knyazev, the exhibition curator: "In the era of hypervisibility, when vision overflows with torrential flows of imagery, when visuals overtake the mechanics of the thought process, the purpose of this exhibition is to highlight the materiality of photography, to separate it out from the digital feeds. Pay attention to the experience of interaction with the picture as well as the image itself. The displayed photographs are lined up by the horizon line in the frame, whereas the different scales and massive frames reestablish their objective materiality."