Evgeniya Voronova

03.08.2018 – 30.08.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

As a part of Launchpad exhibitions, Triumph Gallery presents a new solo project of the modern artist Evgeniya Voronova named Innernal Labyrinths. Alumna of Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute and Free Workshops by MMOMA, Evgeniya has already been participating with group projects at Winzavod and in Parallel program of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.


In the exhibition at Triumph Gallery, there will be exposed a series of installations made of separable metal modules and painting canvases. Based on the scientific evidence of the  20th century, and particularly on ideas of Pascal Hoguet regarding "whichever space", Evgeniya explores an interaction of form, space and their perception. A term of "whichever space" is used in movie scenes’ description , where it is heterogeneous and can be potentially placed in every activity using different installation techniques.  It is not a universal abstract space as it cannot be, by definition, coherent. The objects exist in it not separately, but as fragments.


Evgeniya’s works are easy to imagine  as similar spaces, consisted of separated elements, firstly detached,then separated and then reunited again in a different order, in orderto better understand a contradistinction of form and emptiness, color and light, flatness and volume, etc. The spaces on Evgeniya’s paintings are constructed not just the way they are, but in many reflections, angles, and this way they are not real, and that is why they can contain any potential action or a character.


Especially for the exhibition, the artist has created a video installation based on her artworks.


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