Group exhibition

24.01.2020 – 01.03.2020

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina


Maxim Ima

Nikolay Super

Egor Shen

Pasha Wais

Nikita Dusto


Stas Bags

Vladimir Abikh

Misha Vert

Grisha 7aur


Dima Retro


Sasha Sam

Ilya Henok

Igor Multi

Misha Marker

Anton Selone

Martin Aroe

This January traditionally opens the exhibition year at Triumph gallery with a street art project. The Kommunalka group show takes a snapshot of current street art in St. Petersburg. Leading representatives of St. Petersburg graffiti and street art scene contributed to the exposition. The artists showcase projects across different media: from classical graffiti to spatial installations and video. 


For the time of the exhibition, the gallery space will act like a communal apartment, or kommunalka, which combines wildly different styles and genres. Sophisticated conceptual statements of Maxim Ima and Vladimir Abikh are juxtaposed with large-scale whole-room installation by Nikita Dusto; perfect geometric compositions by Pasha Wais with quirky assemblages by Dima Retro and graffiti “pieces” made in the gallery by Trun and Shen. Works by Turben and Misha Marker reveal different aspects of humor and irony as conveyed through painting on canvas, while works by Stas Bags produce suspense.  All the exhibited studio works demonstrate different facets of the participants’ talent and skill, honed by many years of street practice.


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