Konstantin Danilov (Zmogk)

Konstantin Danilov aka Zmogk was born in 1979 in Moscow. At the age of seven years old, Konstantin studied drawing in the studio at 28 Malaya Gruzinskaya. In 1997, began doing graffiti which had been his sole passion through to 2010. Zmogk was a member of Russia’s first graffiti crews, having now developed a unique signature style and becoming an eminent figure among peer artists and fans of graffiti or street art. Zmogk was among the first to go international with his graffiti. In 2010, he spent nine months in Morocco as a Jardin Rouge resident, which led him to make a deliberate shift to painting. His works are dynamic, harmoniously composed, brightly colored, seemingly chaotic. Zmogk regularly participates in different street art and graffiti festivals.

personal exhibitions:



Flashbacks Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

group exhibitions:



The Territory of The Stars Fine Art gallery, Moscow, Russia

ArtFair14c New Jersey city, USA



Apology of Delusions MMOMA, Moscow, Russia

Other shores Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia



To Make History Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Urban Art Show NUNC! Gallery, Grenoble, France

Urban Art Fair Paris NUNC! Gallery, Paris, France




Street Art Museum Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nature of The Verse Art Center “Strelka”, Moscow, Russia

Enemy “Sviter” Gallery, Yekaterinburg, Russia



City Is The Territory Of Love Fine Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

A Major minority 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Project64 VDNKh, Pavilion №65 “Optics”, Moscow, Russia

Wall elements Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany



Rehlatna Graffiti project, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Post graffiti & Abstract Geneva, Switzerland

Wall elements RuArts Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Artmossphere The I Biennale of Street Art, Moscow, Russia

Urbanism: City In My Head Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

The New wave: Uncut MSK Eastside Gallery, Moscow, Russia



Participation in numerous graffiti festivals and promotions in Russia and in Europe



HK Walls Street Art Festival, Hong Kong, China


Loures Arte Publica Street Art Festival, Loures, Portugal

Urban Art Astana Street Art Festival, Astana, Kazakhstan


Loures Arte Publica Street Art Festival, Loures, Portugal


Street Dealin X Graffiti festival, Jakarta, Indonesia

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