Marina Fedorova

01.08.2014 – 31.08.2014

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Marina Fedorova was born in former Leningrad in 1981. In 2000 she graduated from the the Saint Petersburg Art School named after Nicholas Roerich and in 2006 she finished her studies at the Academy of Fine arts named after Vera Mukhina in St. Petersburg. The artist will be presenting her new show, which has the same name as a prison in St. Petersburg, at Triumph Gallery. In this show she explores the life of people sentenced to imprisonment.


Inside the walls of the two blocks of the infamous prison, both shaped like a cross (that is where the name came from) were held revolutionaries and traitors, common people and marshals, with no regard to their rank or status. A cross, which is a symbol of martyrdom, in this context also serves as a sign of detachment. In Marina’s works this sign duplicates itself in the lines on prisoners’ hands, creases on the bed, branches of trees and crossings of the iron bars.


Marina Fedorova’s project starts with the stories of four women — the mother, the wife, the mistress and the sister, who can’t get their mins off the men who had left them to be imprisonedinthe notorious jail. Starting with personal stories the artist then passes on to exploring the everyday life of the prison dwellers. Besides paintings the artist will present a video, which was filmed inside the Kresty prison. This video shows the everyday interaction between the inmates, wardens and the place itself.


Project Kresty is made by Art Club D137 on the initiative of Olga Osterberg and Board of Trustees of the Detention Center No. 1 Kresty in St. Petersburg.

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