Blue Soup group

13.03.2015 – 05.04.2015

Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Moscow

Blue Soup — a Russian art group consisting of Alexey Dobrov, Daniil Lebedev, Alexander Lobanov and featuring Valeriy Patkonen presents Lands — an exhibit in Moscow’s Central Exhibiton Hall "Manege". The exhibit is made up of 5 video installations. Four of them have been previously shown separately at various galleries, as part of big museum exhibits and at the 4th Moscow Contemporary Art Biennale as part of its main project.


At first it seems that the last piece is a continuation of their previous works — Echelon (2006), Lake (2007), Blizzard (2009), however the last project has several important deviations. While staying true to their cho- sen techniques (3D modeling and computer animation) and form of presentation — a screen in a dark room, — the artists diverged from their usual narra- tive and imagery, that allude to classic paintings or cinema and have not only filled the viewer with apprehension but given him an emotional release in the form of an unexpected climax.


We have previously seen a forest clearing with an idyllic lake that magically transformed: became illuminated or turned into a hole. A winter scenery fleetingly brought to life by the appearance of people, then swept away by a blizzard. A train passing by at full speed shown from three perspectives that gives the viewer an illusion of being in a war movie where one doesn’t even need to contemplate the beginning and the end.



The formula of getting to this effect has slightly changed and the tech- nique has become more complex. New works are even intended to be viewed with 3D glasses, however the pixels, the key shots, the 3D modeling programs and the artificial sounds are continuing to do their job.

It is time to come back to Earth — to the screen, the retinas of the eye and the other senses involved in image perception. It is possible that ultimately the anxiety is not hidden in the plots or the intricate imagery but in the nature of the human conscious. It seems the artists are pursuing a noble cause of reaching that conscious with the means of modern technology and setting it free.


Igor Grebelnikov

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