Stanislav Shuripa

25.12.2020 – 24.01.2021

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery presents Stanislav Shuripa’s Laplace Gardens project that will include a new series of paintings, sculptures and a video work. Shuripa is famous for being one of the key intellectual points on the Russian art map. Since 2006 he has been not only teaching at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow, but also creating a powerful energy field around the school and its alumni, whose names are now known to everyone interested in the Russian art scene. His lectures and writings reflect on contemporary philosophy, art theory and critical thought. Actively works as a curator since 2007.


In his paintings Shuripa explores the problems of reality perception, portraying spaces in which cityscapes’ fragments merge with geometrical structures and objects of mysterious function. The artist’s works are full of the sense of disaster-related dread and post-apocalyptical themes that he has been thoroughly elaborating on since 2000s not only in painting, but also in the installations and projects carried out together with the Agency of Singular Investigations (ASI) founded by himself and Anna Titova in 2014. Mixing conspiracy theories, paranormal studies and popular fears, Stanislav Shuripa, both alone and as a member of ASI constructs an alternative past, an invisible present and multiple versions of the future.


Laplace Gardens offer a study of reality through futurology and multi-optionality of the history progress scenarios. The main storyline of the exhibition describes a world in which the predictions of science-fiction writers have come true: machines dominate the man, the climate radically changes, a part of the survivors’ population lives underground, and the planet surface is covered in rainforests and inhabited by exotic and prehistoric animals. On the border between the natural and the technological existence of humanity occurs a new system of perception—through the battle of two superbeings, Laplace’s demon and Maxwell’s demon, who destroy and create the laws of nature, history and the universes.


Today, when we have grown used to living in successive crises and emergencies in a matter of years, makes us prepared not to only for the apocalypse, but also for what comes afterwards. Stanislav Shuripa’s project comes as a thought experiment that suggests focusing one’s vision not on the tomorrow, but on the day after it. In this system, a person, like the viewer, exists in the position of the observer of the ongoing demon battle. Contemplating the endlessly unfolding horizon that changes slightly from the particles’ and elements’ vibrations could be the only thing left.


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