Group exhibition

12.07.2019 – 04.08.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Sofya Simakova

Sofiya Kovaleva


Elena Andronova

Lyudmila Baronina

Alexander Brodsky

Apollinaria Broche

Alexander Vinogradov

Alexey Dubinsky

Yulia Iosilzon

Alisa Yoffe

Pavel Kiselev

Taisia Korotkova

Vladislav Kruchinsky

Maxim Ksuta

Ivan Lounguine

Alexandra Pasternak

Pavel Pepperstein

Uliana Podkorytova

Sari Szanto

Haim Sokol

Anton Totibadze

Elizaveta Federmesser

Lena Tsibizova

Varvara Cheltsova

Valery Chtak

Uno Moralez

Triumph Gallery presents a group exhibition dedicated to "livre d’artiste" (artist's book). The project includes illustrations, etchings, ceramic bas-reliefs, paintings, photo diaries, and "artist's books" of both well-known and young artists.


Livre d’artiste is an artistic genre that gained momentum in the early 20th century when an enterprising art dealer Ambroise Vollard in search of new clients asked his renowned artistic friends (Picasso, Renoir, Monet and others) to produce limited graphic editions based on famous literary works. The proposed idea was welcomed by both artists and buyers who were eager to have works of famous artists at home, but could not afford to buy expensive picturesque canvases. The genre evolved over time: any linkage to a specific work was no longer necessary, and artists began experimenting with the format and techniques.


A graphic novel by Uno Moralez, an art book by Taisia Korotkova, books by Haim Sokol, Anton Totibadze, Pavel Pepperstein, Yulia Iosilzon inherit the artistic traditions of the 20th century. All of them rest on the idea that a book is an independent artistic object. An installation by Pavel Kiselev equates façades of buildings with book pages that he uses to write his own story. Valery Chtak works with the word generally—in a series of works C-alphabet the artist attributes extra meaning to every letter in the alphabet thus building new narratives based on visual and acoustic associations. Photodiaries by Elizaveta Federmesser form the backbone of her “book installation” in which city sites fall into a single text.


The works of art displayed at the exhibition despite their variety in genre and original artistic approaches actually represent texts with a specific book-like narration logic, plots, and elements of the book culture.


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