Alexander Obrazumov

07.03.2018 – 08.04.2018

MMOMA, Moscow

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Triumph gallery present a Limited Fuctionality Mode, personal exhibition by Alexander Obrazumov that comprises new objects and installations, as well as works from the recent two years. The exhibition is part of the MMOMA Program to Support Young Art and the Young Lions project by Triumph gallery.

Limited Functionality Mode is continued exploration of day-to-day rituals by means of analysis of reality perception through a bureaucratic lens and conception of the modern office life as the world behind the looking-glass. The art pieces appear to be fished out from the "collective unconscious" of an average corporate worker and devoid of function — presented to the audience in a new contradictory quality.

Alexander Obrazumov works with total installations, explores and visualizes modern-day rituals, unconscious processes and the consumer mindset. In his earlier projects, the artist addressed money spells for attracting wealth in his YouTube video installations (exhibition 7753191, 2015), looked into the total model of corporate existence (exhibition Confidential Content, 2015), created a mystical parallel world with Genda Fluid (Antonita Baever) at exhibition There is no Siberia on Mars (2017).

"In the new project, the artist tells us about the economy of stress and anxiety, the four horsemen of audit, bloody insinuations towards stationary. Also telling us where the moral code of an office clerk is and where their starry sky and paradise beach are. And, of course, about the utility of the limited functionality mode", Andrey Parshikov.

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