Pavel Otdelnov

13.11.2015 – 06.12.2015

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery is glad to announce that it is hosting the Mall exhibition by Pavel Otdelnov, which will feature paintings and video works. Otdelnov documents the transitional forms of the Russian landscape of city suburbs: the prefabricated high-rise blocks of flats, power lines, half-empty industrial complexes and signs of a new era appearing in these spaces. A series of works on the construction boom in shopping mall will be on display at the Mall exhibition.

Major shopping malls started appearing en masse in Europe and the USA in the 1950s, and in Russia and the post-Soviet space in the 2000s, and continue appearing to this very day, spreading from cities with a million-plus population to the periphery. The majority of these structures turn up in close vicinity to commuter cities and industrial zones. Garish and thrown together from cheap materials within a short period of time, they grow in the planned city environment like wildfire.

If you view the construction of a typical shopping mall through the prism of a time lapse, you can see how the bright signs come and go interchangeably and how the banners flicker, reminiscent of computer bugs. In Pavel Otdelnov’s works the shopping malls are literally depicted like a glitch — a mistake due to the non-compliance of the software with the task set by the user. The glitch represents decay and stratification, is dynamic and records the moment of transformation. The abandoned or unfinished shopping malls inserted in post-Soviet housing developments appear like a violation in the landscape, and at the same time become a symbol of the unstable economic situation.