Gyungsu An

22.12.2017 – 21.01.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

Triumph gallery presents a personal exhibition by Gyungsu An, a South Korean painter. He has been part of EXTENSION.KR, a group project that shows a snapshot of the current South Korean art scene, exhibited first in Triumph gallery in Moscow and then in the Arsenal in Nizhny Novgorod.


Gyungsu An works with borderline territories, where a distinctive tension arises between two different systems—the city and the outskirts, or two “individualities” as the artist calls them. He compares them to a membrane in its philosophical and aesthetic sense.


Gyungsu An draws inspiration from "interim spaces", as well as stones, forests, trees, abandoned buildings. His canvases convey the atmosphere of abandonment and neglect. The artist approaches landscapes through the "median landscape", which is found on the boundary between living cities and cities that are turning to rubble, between lost habitation places and habitation places to be created soon. "Looking at a landscape, I am transported into the past, I speak of the present, and imagine the future," the artist says.


In his work Gyungsu An also addresses the question of defining painting in the age saturated with visual media. Although he creates video installations too, the core of his art is painting. One of the techniques he uses is photographing his painting in the location it depicts.


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