Vladimir Dubossarsky & Alexander Vinogradov

06.09.2014 – 28.09.2014

Museum of Moscow,

Proviantsky Warehouse, Moscow

Museum of Moscow, Triumph Gallery and RDI company present an exhibition by Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov titled Moscow: Vanishing Reality. The exhibition is dedicated to Moscow and its opening has been timed to coincide with Moscow's City Day on September 5, 2014.


In the artists' works, a Moscow of various epochs is opened up before spectators, from the end of the 19th century up to nowadays. Each of the exhibition's sections is devoted to a separate epoch, but here we are dealing with the identificationof an imaginary or illusory capital in which one can see fragments of a past way of life, nonexistent views of the city, shots from black-and-white movies, pieces of pop culture, naïve city design and agitprop. This is not a retrospective gaze, but reconstructing onewhere the object that is being reconstructed is not the actual Moscow, but a memory of it that comprises not only the city itself but also the fantasies, hopes and fears of its residents.


The exhibition will become an organic part of Museum of Moscow, located in the Proviantsky Warehouse, a monument of Moscow Empire-style architecture, designed by the architect Vasily Stasov in the 1830s. The large paintings, drawings, and installations have been created especially for this museum.


Dubossarsky and Vinogradov have been working together since the mid-1990s. On large canvases the artists combine images of pop culture and advertisment with genre painting, describing the life of the heroes of our time. In the project Danger! Museum (2009), the artists presented the secret life of an imaginary museum, while the series of works On the Block (2010) depicted popular Russian and Hollywood stars as average residents of Moscow suburbs. Within their own retrospective, Dubossarsky and Vinogradov presented to the public their unfinished works from various periods rather than their renowned works.  In their new exhibition, the artists present a multi-faceted image of an ideal Moscow, where history and the modernity are intermingled.

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