19.06.2014 – 15.07.2014

All-Russian Decorative Art Museum

Moskovia. Research is the third collaborative exhibition of the Triumph Gallery and the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum dedicated to the visual anthropological research of Russian regions and ethnic groups. This project started in September, 2013 with the group exhibition of the Rodchenko Art School students and graduates called Udmurtia. Research, and continued with Igor Starkov’s and Daria Andreeva’s -socio-anthropological view on Karelia (Kalevala. Research). The goal of Research project is to investigate anthropological and topographical process that takes place in contemporary Russia with the help of new visual art methods of space study.


During the most part of its existence, mankind knew nothing about the borders of their own leaving area. It wasn’t at all clear what is situated beyond its boundaries and beyond the boundaries of well-known trade routes. Recognition and the attempts of representation of the territory took place before the appearance of written language. Medieval Ages and the Renaissance maps which stagger us with its visual language, testify of this fact, but mostly they show a world not the a location of spatial objects. The images of ocean monsters in the Atlantic or of the isles that never existed were necessary for people to personalize and to legitimize of geographical imaginary. Nobody could contest them because there were no criteria of authenticity. Representation of space was an activity that remained on the verge of science and art; it reflected the subjective author conception and developing measuring methods, and personified the romance of travelling in the form of state document. During the last 150 years of mankind history the situation has changed and in the middle of the 20th century led to the spatial turn in different humanitarian areas and also in the contemporary art. Such a paradox when a habit to imagine and doubt in territories is still preserved but becomes totally absurd in the age of high-accuracy space shots and hundred-percent cartographical covering, caused a splash of attention to landscapes among artists and photographers.

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