17.02.2017 – 26.02.2017

МАММ, Moscow

As part of the Tenth Moscow International Biennale Fashion and Style in Photography 2017, MAMM presents Necropolis, a video project by the renowned Finnish artist duo IC-98.


In the last few years IC-98 has participated in many important international art events. In 2015 the group represented Finland at the Venice Biennale.

IC-98 is a phenomenon atypical for the Finnish art scene. Their work references current tendencies, not so much in the sphere of art as in philosophy, sociology and culturology. Visa Suonpää and Patrik Söderlund, who comprise the IC-98 artist duo, studied together in the Faculty of Humanities at Turku University.


IC-98 first made a name for themselves in the late 1990s for compositions where texts are interlaced with graphics, and real places and events are interspersed with fictive elements, evoking the possible existence of other, alternative histories. In the mid-2000s the IC-98 group began using animation in their work, creating visually rich black-and-white films based on the pencil drawings. Ever since then graphically drawn animation became the group’s signature medium. In their new films mankind with all its problems is relegated to the background, while nature and time occupy central stage. Slow-motion images enhanced by animation register almost indiscernible transformations of the environment that viewers only perceive within the film’s timescale. It is the artists’ intention for time to become palpable, taking control of events in human history and returning them to nature.


The Necropolis project was created by the IC-98 art duo in 2016, in collaboration with artists Markus Lepistö and Juan Duarte Regino, and musicians from the Finnish black-metal group SINK. It offers yet another examination of man’s influence on nature and time. The film’s point of departure is John Ruskin’s lecture ‘The Storm Cloud of the Nineteenth Century’ (1884), which describes in metaphorical form the smog gathering over our cities as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution. In IC-98’s video the fluctuating storm cloud depicts the souls of the dead. Gradually thickening, it retreats to the upper layer of the atmosphere, casting a dark shadow over the earth. Swallows become the new masters of this world. But even when reduced to ruins, human civilization cannot vanish without a trace, leaving an endless circulation of pollutants, plastics, energies and materials in its wake.